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Saturday 29th May 2021

A Ride - Kitridding - Sue Taylor
Billed as an ‘A’ ride in name only, I plotted a route with focus on new roads, keeping away from the busy areas on a sunny bank holiday, a quiet cafe and a decent mileage without being too intimidating.
Sadly Ian cancelled due to an emergency dog operation, but happily we gained Katie at the last minute.
Phil, Keith, Mick, Louis, Katie, Dave (Strava persona non grata, get with it Dave!), myself and Justin with the skinny wheels set off through Forton, Galgate, central Lancaster then Carnforth, Yealand Conyers to Beetham.
After playing frogger over the A6 here started miles and miles of grassy narrow quiet undulating lanes lined with an abundance of pretty wildflowers. Where we went no one knows but it involved Natland and New Hutton and popped out near the Kitridding farm cafe where 2 tables with my name on awaited. Our attempts to join the 2 tables to be more sociable broke COVID regulations so we settled on 12 inches apart.
Having broken the back of the mileage, the return route involved Justin with the skinny wheels being a bad influence on the newbies Katie and Louis by encouraging them to leave the rest of us trailing in their wake (‘it is an A ride’ he proclaimed when I chided him later).
Word came from the back that we should leave Phil and Keith, but then Phil kept popping up and showing us his manky toe.
Back though Farleton, Holme, Over Kellet and caton, I had a lovely day and hope everyone enjoyed it. Fell asleep at 8pm so guessing I am a bit tired after all that.

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