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Advice and Tips for New Members

Please note – This is simply a guide of what is explained more fully in the Club’s Risk Assessment document which is to be found on the Club’s website as an Appendix to the Constitution

General policy

• The Club’s aim is to provide safe and enjoyable cycling facilities for its members. This guide is designed to ensure that individual members are aware of the responsibilities required of them to fulfil this aim.

• The club rides in four distinct groups, A,B1, B2, and C according to ability and distance. In selecting the group in which you ride ensure you are comfortable with the distance proposed and pace of the group.

• At the start of the ride if numbers and range of ability are sufficient it may require the formation of two sections within the same group, in which case the ride coordinator should liaise with group members to split the group and appoint another ride coordinator and rear marker. Each section should then agree the proposed route and café stop and ride independently of the other section.

• The combination of two groups [eg. A and B] into one must not occur, as this gives rise to obvious difficulties in respect of the speed of the combined group. However, if any A riders decide to join the B group the pace of the group will remain as for B riders. Similarly if A and/or B riders decide to join the C group the pace remains that of the C group.

Individual conduct

Before the ride

• Ensure your bike is roadworthy

• You are in possession of basic repair items

• A contact number is in a back pocket in case of emergency

At the start of the chosen ride

• Make yourself known to the Ride Coordinator

• If you have a health problem likely to affect your ride eg. shortness of breath and feel comfortable in disclosing it, inform the Ride Coordinator

Whilst on the ride

• Be courteous and considerate when riding eg. respond to calls of ‘car up’ and ‘car down’ by adopting single file. On narrow lanes please ride in single file. Remember, like any other rider you owe a basic duty of care to all other road users as they do to you.

• Communicate any problem that arises affecting your ride to the nearest rider/ride coordinator eg. personal health, mechanical problem, speed of the group at the earliest opportunity.

• Stay within the group ie. between the ride coordinator up front and rear marker at the back. This may not be possible on uphill and downhill sections in which case the ride coordinator should organise a suitable ‘catch up’ point to reassemble the group. Remember the club policy is that groups remain together and that riders do not get left behind.

• If you decide to leave the group prematurely tell the next rider/ride coordinator at the earliest opportunity.

• If the group is joined by riders from a faster group avoid any tendency to alter the proposed pace of the group and make those joining aware of that. The group should ride at the pace of the slowest rider.

• There may be occasions when alteration of the proposed route is required due to unforeseen traffic/road conditions. Communicate clearly your decision to the group. Avoid any rider being left behind.

• In event of emergency or accident this must be reported to a member of the Club committee as soon as possible upon completion of the ride.

Club Committee – December 2010