Ride Calendar

The Club's three-month rides calendar is published after the Club meetings in January, April, July, and October. October's meeting being the Annual General Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend these meetings, both to have your say on how the Club is run and to hear what ideas other members may have.

The Current Ride Calendar is available Here

Occasionally it is necessary to change routes at the last minute so it is advisable to check our Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Most Saturdays we have four different rides, catering for different levels of fitness, and different people's preferences.

A Ride - upwards of 80 miles and some in excess of 100 miles, average cycling speed 15-18mph.

B1 Ride - covers between 40 to 60 miles, average cycling speed 13-16mph

B2 Ride - covers the same route and distance as the B1 Rides but average cycling speed 12-14mph

C Ride - covers 25 to 40 miles, average cycling speed 10-12mph.

These figures are guidelines and may vary slightly according to the particular ride chosen.

All groups stop off for a brew and a chat at a suitably located cafe along the way. We are usually back in Garstang between 2 and 3pm, although on some longer rides it can be later in the afternoon.

The meeting point for our rides is The Royal Oak, right in the centre of Garstang by the Market Cross
Some weeks we have rides well away from Garstang, "Park and Ride" these are usually B rides. These rides meet at The Bellflower, off the A6. You are advised to always check the Rides Calendar regarding the meeting points.

Location of the Royal Oak

Location of P&R Meeting point