Club Constitution


The Garstang Cycling Club was formed in July 2003, making it one of the youngest cycling clubs in the area. We now have well over 100 members, about a third of them female with an age range from 14 to over 70.

The aim of the club is to encourage cyclists of all ages and abilities to dust down their bikes and come and explore the local countryside in the company of like minded others. We have members ranging from those new to cycling to time trialists and at least one high ranking triathlete.

Being a young club we do not organise racing events ourselves but members take part in open events around the region. We place great emphasis on safety and have a 'Code of Conduct' which is consistent with our affiliation to the British Cycling Federation. All our ride leaders are volunteers and it is expected that each rider must take responsibility for their own safety and the roadworthiness of their bike.
1. Aim

2. Membership

3. Young Persons

4. Safety

5. Ride Programme

6. Affiliation

7. Management


1. Aim

To encourage enjoyable and safe cycling for all persons

2. Membership

2.1 Membership is open to any person, but subject to the age limitation mentioned in paragraph 3.1 concerning young persons. All members are to pay the annual subscription as decided at the AGM held each October.

2.2 Members joining the Club after 30th. April in the Club year will pay half the annual subscription.

2.3 The Management Committee retains the ability at all times to refuse and terminate membership.

3. Young Persons

3.1 Persons under the age of 18 at the time of membership are welcome to join. Any young person who joins unaccompanied by parent or guardian must have attained 14 years of age on date of joining.

3.2 Those young persons joining with a parent or guardian as a family will be the responsibility of that parent or guardian at all times.

3.3 Membership of young persons who join either as individuals or as members of a family will be subject to the Club’s Policy Document on Young Persons, attached as Appendix (2), which will be provided to the young person and their parent/guardian upon joining the Club. All Club members are required to read this policy document and adhere to its content.

3.4 The Club will appoint a suitable and CRB approved adult member who will act as a Young Persons Liaison Officer whose role is as described in the Policy Document.

4. Safety

4.1 Members take part in Club rides at their own risk and agree to abide by the Club’s Generic Risk Assessment Document., attached as Appendix (1), which all members are required to read upon joining the Club.

4.2 The club will appoint a Safety Officer at the AGM who will be the contact person for members reporting any accidents that occur on club rides.

4.3 The club considers personal safety of members of paramount importance on its rides and recommends the wearing of cycle helmets. For young persons this will be obligatory.

5. Ride Programme

5.1 The Club will appoint a Rides Committee to arrange weekend rides and appoint Ride Co-ordinators for each weekend ride. There will be no formal appointment of Ride Co-ordinator for rides on Wednesday evenings. Members are to understand that Ride Co-ordinators are volunteers and untrained in cycling proficiency skills.

5.2 The Ride Co-ordinator will be responsible (1) for the choice of route on the day of the ride, (2) to ensure that ride members are aware of the designated route, (3) to ensure that suitable arrangements are made for an appropriate café stop on the day of the ride and (4) to ensure, to the best of their ability, that the ride is conducted in accordance with the Club’s Generic Risk Assessment Document.

5.3 In respect of the Club’s ride programme the Club will make available a Generic Risk Assessment Document, attached as Appendix (1), which all members are required to read.

5.4 Members are to understand that on all Club rides a common duty of care exists both to other members and to other road users and pedestrians.

6. Affiliation

6.1 The Club is affiliated to the British Cycling Federation, through which insurance liability cover against third party claims only is provided.

6.2 Members will be advised about taking out separate personal accident insurance as individuals upon joining the Club.

7. Management

7.1.1 The Club’s affairs will be managed by the committee on behalf of the members. The committee will comprise Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. These positions will be elected at the AGM which will be held not later than 31 October with 21 days notice in writing.

7.1.2 Tenure of office of the committee members will be for two years subject to [1] nomination for re-election for a further final period of two years should the office holder so wish and [2] resignation at any time in the period of office with a requirement to give a minimum of one months notice to the committee.

7.1.3 Sub-committees may be appointed as necessary by the committee to organise the range of activities of the club. Each sub-committee will report to the committee as required.

7.2 Amendments to the Constitution or Policy Documents.
In order to be responsive to change and new initiatives the Committee reserves the right to make amendments as necessary subject to (a) prior consultation of all members, such consultation requiring 14 days notice of the proposed amendment and (b) confirmation of any amendment at the next quarterly meeting.

7.3 Meetings will be held quarterly in January, April, July and October. The October meeting will include the AGM.

7.4 Decisions made at meetings will be the result of simple majority vote, subject to there being nine Club members present to form a quorum. In the event of equal voting the Chairperson will have a casting vote.

Appendix 1
Risk Assessment (PDF)
Risk Assessment (WORD)

Appendix 2
Young Persons Policy (PDF)