Ride Reports

Saturday 29th May 2021

B1 Ride - Waddington - Trevor Ford
Myself , Karen , sim , Simon , Shane and ray
Off we go Karen and shane setting the pace. Weather was perfect all day
Dan was a no show , alcohol was the winner from previous night. Great route , a few little ups but nothing to bad.
Ltd was the allotted cafe stop , great food and coffee ??( ended up with extra brews all round for having to wait for order ??? ) so that meant extra pieces of cake that Karen off loaded on to me knowing I couldn’t resist ??
Simon headed home from ltd , first time I’d met him , nice fella I hope he enjoyed the ride ( think he did )
During the course of the day sim couldn’t help showing his A riding power on the flat and the hills ( just thought I’d mention it ) some strange noises coming from sims bike wasn’t sure if it was his knees my knees or his bottom bracket !!!
Shane gets faster each week. All that riding in that massive garage of his.
Ray peeled off towards home shortly after Cafe , always a pleasure to ride out with him.
4 left , came to a cross roads left was continuation of ride , right was a shorter route home for Karen ( to be fair suffering with sore arm ) 1 mention of a drink at white bull in great ecc left she turned ( note to self check Karen’s water bottles next week ????)
Quick drink in the bull (cheers sim )Shane and sim set off for cartford bridge , sim to pilling Shane still got morecambe to ride to ??
Myself and Karen headed off towards st Michaels.
Great route , great company
Here’s to the next one ????

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