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Saturday 29th May 2021

C Ride - Staveley P&R - Stuart Murray
A circuit of Kendal including a break at Staveley is one of Peter Bell's favourite rides. However, domestic commitments resulted in him reluctantly handing over the RC's chores to me. As Phil was unsure which route we were planning on using 2 alternative starts were detailed on fb. Fortunately, Mick covered off the alternative meeting place and 14 eager participants assembled on the lay-by near Strickland Arms, Sizergh Castle. Viz:
Frank, Paul, Mick, Mike, Mark, Steve, Malcolm, Kenny, Keith, Sue, Richard, Bob, John and myself. We were all eager to enjoy this shortish but hilly route in perhaps the kindest of weather seen this year. Some of us knew the route well, others were tenderfoots and given our numbers two groups led by Steve(thanks) [guest B1/B2! rider] and myself proceeded towards Natland.
The tone of the day's ride was quickly established when the 2nd group overtook the 1st group within about 2miles. Obviously, the 2nd group knew a shortcut and this advantage was doubled when I led my group around a housing estate in Natland. This leapfrogging of the two parties was to continue for most of the ride and whilst it certainly isn't GCC policy it did enable almost everyone to experience the “yellow jersey feeling” at the front and the tail-end FLAB feeling at the back.
The ride, a glorious mixture of ups and downs in fabulous weather with much to see; chat and banter; even meeting some enthusiast photographers awaiting the arrival of 'steam' going north on the mainline.
Malcolm was keen to explore the B ride route via Patton Bridge but despite the warm invitation for anyone to join him set off to explore on his own. The rest of us were keen to explore the culinary delights of Staveley and so, we duly applied our pedalling energies to that end.
Malcolm rejoined us in Staveley where we all found food resuscitation from various outlets.
The pre-lunch stop regime of leap-frogging groups continued on the route back through Crook, Underbarrow and Brigsteer. Richard peeled off towards his home town of Kendal and the rest of us safely arrived back at our cars happy and content with a very fulfilling C ride. See you all next week Knott End here we come !!!
PS I should point out that Ken, as usual, cycled to and from the starting point.

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