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Saturday 7th March 2020

B1 Ride Report - Knott End - Chris Jones
Good turnout today, 11 of us set off from the cobbles, would have been 12 but Dave had bike problems, went home and swapped to another which also had problems.
Didn't bother splitting into 2 groups formally as we naturally split anyway as is usually the case when Sim Tucker (should be an A rider??) is along as his super speedy power legs means he's off the front and there's always a few who try and keep up, that was definitely not me today, I mostly led from the back.
It was good to see Ste Woodward (living the dream) back for the summer, no doubt he'll be back to Wigan come October ??
So we headed out to Scorton before crossing over the A6 to head through Cockerham and Pilling battling a headwind to Knott End where we stopped for coffee, tea, beans, eggs and toast.
Suitably refreshed we headed along the river estuary and along the lanes through Out Rawcliffe etc and arriving in Eccleston Karen Sienkiewicz front wheel went out from under her on a bend which came close to knocking us down like a row of dominoes. Bike was ok, Karen was ok, took a knock to the hip.
So we continued along the lanes at a good pace and approaching Garstang people started peeling off when close to home.
The remaining 7 or 8 of us made it back to Garstang and headed home.
Shane and I headed along the A6 (where we finally got a tailwind) to Morecambe and stopped for a cheeky beer at The Boot and Shoe.
Good ride in great company and by the end averaged just under 15mph.

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