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Saturday 7th March 2020

C Ride report Ribchester - Downham - Michael Coleran
With the new limit of six riders on club rides I faced a bit of a problem when there were seven of us turned up for the start at Ribchester. To be fair to all I suggested splitting equally, two groups of three and a half. Jo B offered to be one half but there were no takers for the other half! Decision made, a homogeneous group of seven enjoyed the outward journey to the excellent Greendale View Cafe at Downham. Admiring the millionaires mansions of the Ribble Valley, we sped along the scenic lanes through Wiswell, Pendleton and Worston, watched over by the mighty Pendle Hill all the way. Filled with delicious sausages, eggs and scones, the return took on a different feel with a strong headwind on the other side of the Ribble. The long drag of a hill from Lower Hodder Bridge split us up until a catch-up at Hurst Green where we met more GCC riders exiting Millie's Cafe. All that was left was the long descent down Gallows Lane and back to Advance Basecamp at Ribchester. Didn't I see somewhere that C rides are now described as 'Relaxed Social'? Well, whoever thought that one up should know that one person's relaxed ride can be another's challenging ride. One part of the description did fit today's ride well, it was very 'Social'. A great ride with great people!

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