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Saturday 7th March 2020

B2 Ride Report - Knott End - David Hodgson
It was nice to turn up at the cobbles without the customary heavy rain and strong winds.
8 of us eventually set off in the direction of Scorton in what promised to be a good day weather wise with a bright sky (hint of sunshine) and a light breeze.
We were joined by Dave C (I think he said he was 74) at Green Lane West. Dave who had to change his bike at the last minute was intending to go with the B1’s but they left him behind so he came with us.
The 9 of us made quick time getting through Scorton and onto the Cockerham Road. I was somewhat amazed at the fitness of Luke who on the flat sections led the way. Luke had been poorly and had missed a lot of cycling so seeing him at the front was something I wasn’t expecting and something he would regret later in the ride.
I had decided to miss the planned café stop at Knott End and we all agreed that Roots was a better option after I told a porky pie that Roots was 30 miles into the ride.
The back roads from Preesall to Hambelton by the Heads and Wardleys Creek were not great and I was glad I had mudguards. The signs of floods ahead didn’t give us confidence but we ploughed on and apart from some ponies on the climb up to Stalmine which we negotiated without incident we arrived at the Shovels safely.
Pip left us at this point and shortly after Phil M parted company.
On the road to Catford Stephen (Cervelo) Jackson had a puncture. As punctures go this seemed to take a long time to repair ably assisted by Stephen Hopkinson. Whilst we waited the remaining 5 riders of Annette, Paula, Luke, Dave C and myself exchanging pleasantries with the conversation drifting to being rude before too long.
We eventually got on our way and Cervelo Jackson left us at the Catford as he had concerns over the reliability of his rear tire. Once we negotiated the toll bridge (thanks to Mr Hodgson) we sped on through Great Eccleston and Roseacre. It was during this section of the ride that poor Luke hit the wall and started to fall back from the group. Luckily my rear gunner Dave C stayed with him.
We eventually arrived at Roots at 1pm. 40 Miles into the ride (not 30).
After we had eaten, we did play a game of ‘hide and seek’ hiding behind the corner whilst Luke paid his customary visit to the toilet. We did laugh – but not Luke………
Annette and Paula left us as the road split and they went off towards St Michaels and Pilling and the remaining 4 of us headed towards Myerscough and back to Garstang.
One thing I failed to mention was it was more than a light breeze in places it was gusty and not pleasant.
A 50 mile ride with an average speed of 13.7mph. A great day with excellent company. Thanks again for all who

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