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Saturday 8th February 2020

(A) ride report - ‘Fast and Flat’ ride - Paul Baillie
8 of us left the cobbles for a ‘Fast and Flat’ ride with the plan being to do a couple of laps of the nateby circuit then a bit of a thrash up to Cockerham. Soon after we set off Steve Mack unfortunately felt poorly and Paul Whaley kindly waited and rode back to Lancaster with him. The remaining 6 completed the first lap at around 19mph, keeping everyone together with the stronger riders staying on the front into the wind, giving a chance to rest in the wheels for anyone who needed it. The second lap was much the same but a bit quicker at 21 mph. The riding was smooth and after another half lap we parted ways at Stakepool with 2 guest riders both called John! The 4 of us, Phil Morgan Adam Kippax Michael Birchall and me headed towards Cockerham with the speed increasing but still riding in a nice tight bunch. Once we regrouped at The Manor we rolled back towards Scorton and stopped at the Barn. This was the end of the ride for me as I wanted to watch PNE beat Wigan but the 3 others rode another couple of hours after.

Good riding by all and I’m pleased to report Steve was feeling better later on.

My ride was just under 40 miles at 19.4mph.

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