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Wednesday 27th February 2020

Wednesday Whizz - Sim Tucker
Four of us set off from the Cobbles, Phil Doyle dressed for the arctic and Ken Roberts with his summer kit on ready for the Bahamas!

Lots of flooded roads out to Lytham and hence a major diversion made from the planned route (even Lytham Hall entrance was closed due to flooding so we had to take the rather treacherous mud track in at the rear entrance).

Karen Sienkiewicz met us inside the cafe having made her own way (I think she bailed out because of the pace!!!).

All was going well until the curse of the Lytham ride hit and Karen Sienkiewicz had the puncture this time. Unable to repair it (even with four muscular men to help her!!!!) she produced a list of friends who could come and pick her up.

The rest of the route home was uneventful and my bike just about made it home after developing serious mechanical issues just after we left Garstang.

Great ride with a lovely group of friends!

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