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Saturday 8th February 2020

B2 ride report - Wray - Paula Mason
6 jolly excited peeps set off from the cobbles destined for the cafe at Wray. Thanks to Dave for helping lead the group and making sure we actually got to Wray as my directions are sometimes ??! We made a great average pace of 14 mph on the way there but no doubt this would change on the route back home. Once at the cafe we had our normal noisy conversations sometimes turning rude (Annette you are so naughty and a bad influence ??) dinner was rather disappointing for 3 of us so we had a cake to make us feel better then set off into the cold wind which gradually got stronger by the minute. Dave ensured we got through Lancaster as a group and the final sprint home to Cockerham was lead by me and Annette taking turns on the front, patiently waiting for a man to relieve us (from the wind) but alas to no avail they had run out of puff and stayed behind us two ladies all the way back to Cockerham. Simons sugar rush bursts from his jelly babies had finally come to an end as he limped back the last few miles dreaming of his pint of wainwright’s at the bar. Me and Annette turned off at winmarleigh to head back to pilling and yes, I got us lost again ?? dumb and dumber. All in all a super ride with super people and despite the wind on the way back it was a cracking day and we even had sunshine ?? thanks everyone x

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