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Saturday 1st February 2020

A Ride report - Whalley - Ian Tunbridge
There wasn’t a panned A Ride, and the B1 Whalley route 11 seemed good, I was going anyway and on the cobbles 4 others agreed to wave health and safety guidance and come with me so I was ride leader.
You would think the helping wind would have helped but it didn’t. Hills out included Marshaw, Trough through Slaidburn and over to Grindleton. Great cafe stop at Greendale Downham Road. 3500 ft climbed in 30 miles. We discussed the route and kept options open regarding health and safety. Off up Pendleton hill, then the lumpy bit through Newchucrch in Pendle and then we decided on taking on Nick of Pendle, a tussle up there but not too bad.
At Whalley we decided the ‘nab’ was unsafe due to bendy trees in the wind so took the ‘easier’ route up Whalley Old Road. The road from Langho through to Longridge was mixed with gradients and awful headwinds which pretty much finished us off.
At Longridge decision to not stop and crack on back.
Good luck to Donald who had to ride back to Fleetwood ??.
A good hilly one with a strong headwind I think we all enjoyed it but tired legs tonight!

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