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Saturday 1st February 2020

B2 Ride Report - Whalley - David Hodgson
I was expecting to turn up at the cobbles today on my own and was somewhat surprised that 4 eager souls wanted to join me on the ride to Whalley.

Steve H, Peter R, Martin O, Ian and myself set off slightly wind-assisted on the planned route.
I was amazed how gusty it was and the side winds presented a few difficulties (namely staying on the bike)

The route to the cafe was uneventful. We arrived at the Autism Cafe at the same time as the B1 who decided not to join us and do their own thing (maybe it was something we said).

We made a collective decision to avoid the York climb and stay low. As soon as we left the cafe we realized it was straight into a headwind something we would have to get used to for the next 20 miles.

It was brutal on the way back as we tried our best to huddle together like penguins from the gusty winds.

Martin departed on Lydiate Lane and the four of us made it back safely with a few scary moments and bike wobbles.

I was just glad to get home safely.

I can't say it was enjoyable but the company made it worthwhile.

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