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Saturday 1st February 2020

B1 Ride Report - Whalley - Sim Tucker
A decision was made at the Cobbles to abort the original route and do the B2 route due to weather conditions.

Five of us set off and all was good until my Garmin decided it was not doing the planned route. Being a nice RC I, therefore, delegated the route guidance to Chris and Keith! Unfortunately, as we had gone so far off course their respective Wahoo and Garmin did not get us back on track and we ended up going over the top of Longridge Fell (we were supposed to be staying out of the wind). Ray then made the executive decision that we would just follow the signposts (who needs satellite navigation!).

We caught up with the B2’s coming into Whalley but unfortunately, they picked a quicker route to the cafe stop. No room at the Inn we decided to head back to Ribchester and Chris volunteered to take up the navigational duties but forgot to turn right………! Eventually finding our way to Ribchester we arrived at the café which thankfully was open. Warm and good food!

Not sure we should have really been out on such a windy day but at least we got a chance to see Chris Berry’s feminine side!

I am glad I wasn’t being examined on my first Saturday RC ride as I think I would have failed miserably. A great day out and thank you my fellow riders for their understanding with the slight route alterations. I think I should stick to organising the Wednesday Whizz!

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