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Saturday 25th January 2020

B1 Ride - Bolton Le Sands - Chris Jones
On a damp and drizzley morning 20 B riders set off from the cobbles (amazing turnout considering the weather).
Just as we got to the outskirts of Garstang we pulled over to separate into B1 and B2 groups. Karen Sienkiewicz volunteered myself and Sim Tucker to lead the B1's while she led the B2'S.
So we set off towards Bolton Le Sands taking some roads and turnings we didn't expect as Karen had made some changes to the normal route.
It wasn't long before the weather brightened up and a strong pace was set by Sim and it wasn't long before I was around 1/4 mile behind??
Regrouped at Quernmore crossroads and set off again at a slightly less hectic pace.
A couple of tough little climbs and more surprises relating to the route we arrived at Archers in Bolton Le Sands only to find that there was a queue waiting for a free table. Just as we were setting off to an alternative cafe someone shouted we could use The Dog House just across the yard. Worth remembering if it's busy next time you go to Archers, cosy little barn type building with a log burner with odds and ends of vintage furniture, I grabbed the rocking chair??
After only ten or fifteen minutes the B2's arrived and joined us in The Dog House.
After coffee, cake beans and toast we set off again on an unexpected route over to Halton and then along the cycle path to Lancaster which is where John Passmoor left us.
From there it was on to Glasson and Cockerham which is where riders started peeling off to go home, first it was the other Chris, then Sim and Keith. I peeled off just before Garstang to take advantage of the tailwind to zoom along the A6 to Lancaster and Morecambe powered by Kendal Mint Cake.
Tough at times but very enjoyable ride, thanks all, see you next week ????

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