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18th January 2020

B3 - Leighton Moss - Luke Bosman
Due to an administrative error, today’s RC Choice B-Ride to Roots via a couple of short climbs headed instead northwards to Leighton Moss.

Such impressive numbers assembled under wispy clouds that the decision was made to ride not as two but as three groups. The B3s made good progress through Scorton up the cheeky climb past Cleveleymere and onwards towards Caton. Some shuffling of the B2s and the B3s occurred since our speedier riders were getting such an aerodynamic benefit from the tightly packed B2s that they couldn’t help being pulled along with them.

Phil Rut and David Hodgson left us at Halton. The now significantly more select foursome of myself, Ian, Dave Corless and Sarah Jane Gibson swallowed up the climbs— noting that some climbs seemed to require a little more chewing than others.

The B1s had kindly warmed some seats for us and vacated them soon after our arrival at the cafe. Sarah Jane abandoned us at this point, wanting to be home early.

The B3s overtook the B2s shortly after the cafe— Ian Gibson helping with puncture repairs, clearly not quite as keen as Mrs Gibson for a swift return to base.

We aimed to find a flattish route back— sometimes an aim is just that. As several motorists avoided the total absence of oncoming traffic on the broad road that ascends to Nether Kellet by skimming Dave’s right ear, we reflected on just how fine a ride this was— some of the best weather a January day can offer, smashing views and barely any breeze.

Our stunning average speed was reduced somewhat as every equestrian north of Nantwich took over the road through Cockerham— not a single car horn could be heard. Maybe if we were riding heavy objects that could so easily trample the front of a car we could get similar respect.

The B2s smoothly passed us near Winmarleigh. My legs hurt. It was a tough day in the saddle. But it was good.

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