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18th January 2020

Rufty Tufty “Bowland By The Somme” - Phil Morgan
I’ll write up the Rufty Tufty “Bowland By The Somme” ride as the RC will currently still be at CB ( Chuckle Brothers) Race HQ? aka the Tithe Barn Pub discussing race tactics for up and coming rides. Decisions can only be made and plans decided with the aid of 8 pints + ( each) to aid recovery whilst at the same time dulling ( what there is of ) the brain(s).
A splendidly muddy expedition today- a 40 odd miler- out of Garstang over the Wyre Footbridge and up tracks over and past the radio masts above Oakenclough. Then Brock Bottoms, round Beacon Fell then Chipping ( fantastic bridleway into Chipping). ...then up to the Doctor Who box and over the best bridleway running beneath Parlick , over the Ford and onto the cafe stop at Beacon Fell
To begin we were joined by young Sam Pugh on a road bike...he walked the difficult bits but showed impressive skill in not falling off. Sam left us after Beacon Fell. The regulars..Pete Peter Heyworth, Souper Mario , Keith Oglesby Mick Birchall and myself were today joined by the Godfather and Patriarch of RT- Adam Hindle with his bitch Chris . What an honour...??
Another super day out with an awful lot of muddy clothing to wash...again.
If any members would like to give this a try let me know and we’ll put on a taster...they’re 60/40 road / off road with nothing particularly technical ( although there was today)

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