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15th January 2020

Wednesday Whizz Ride Report - Sim Tucker
Weather was fantastic and we were very honoured to welcome chairman Phil Morgan to his first Whizz!

On the ride into Chipping we met the legendary Dr ToastedTeacake who joined us for a short time (for those that don’t know - he appears very high up on a lot of Strava segments). I am still trying to work out how you cycle 15,000 miles a year, have a wife and children and work full time!?!?!?

Ken had a puncture just before the climb of the day which gave us all time to catch our breath and prepare mentally for Birdy Brow. The climb was longer and harder than I remembered! We all made it to the top (see pictures) and started looking forward to the café stop at the Potting Shed.

Disappointment was to follow as the cafe was closed for their holidays (mental note to myself - check cafe is open when RC before setting out!). We opted for the short ride to the Little Town Dairy so cafe stop saved! Apparently, the LTD is being extended this year to accommodate more cyclists!

Original route home abandoned so I delegated the return route to Ken who guided us all safely back to Garstang. Great ride with lovely people and fantastic weather!

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