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Saturday 4th January 2020

Rufty Tufty ride report - Phil Morgan
It’s amazing how much fun a fairly modest distanced RT run at a relaxed pace can be. And it was. A post festivities chance to cross over to the dark side attracted 11 riders, including the electrically assisted Paul Shaun Burrows , jumping up several groups to join us.
The route- originally run a few years back as a Phil Durrigan tribute RT (“has he died ?”
I was asked by one genuine enquirer)

The route consisted of 38 pan flat miles ( except for a few cols made famous by the late Mr D ) - heading north, then west, then south on a 70/30 mix of tarmac/ muddy farm tracks to Knott End cafe and thereafter along the Wyre coastline towards the rural entity that is Out Rawcliffe estate, home of Lord Souper Souper Mario master of all he surveyed- ( mostly stolen or bought for cash).
Our landed gentry member was somewhat subdued as :
a) he was riding without his fellow chuckle brother and partner in all things suicidally stupid
b) he was under strict orders to behave himself and ride properly.
All credit, we never saw him off the front until at the last, a breakaway group shot off up the road up to Pilling, passing one of the B groups riding the other way.....This of course also of course presented Lord SM the additional opportunity to inspecting the security of the stout fence bordering his country retreat ( ie much of Over Wyre) as he rode along.

Folk were out in a selection of machines-
cross bikes ( Adam Kippax , Simon Thompson) ; touring bikes ( Keith Oglesby); electric bikes ( Paul Burrows) ; hard tail
MTB’s ( Ian Tunbridge , Michael Birchall, Anne Whittingham , Steve Kelly , Souper Mario , me) and a full suss pre war MTB ( Martin Oglesby)
I think the MTBs were probably best suited to the off road mudfests, but the cross bikes equally held their own . Martins old full suss MTB was in fact as light as many of the newer generation MTB’s on offer and no more of an effort to lift over some of the locked gates we encountered. Martin himself put up a bit of a struggle as we threw him over the last one ...
A good day out, thanks to those who made the effort, and kudos to Paul for gamely keeping up with us ( mostly).
We wait with baited breath for the next RT at the end of January, courtesy of El PedroPeter Heyworth ...sure to be fun. Or hell . Or both..
( pics courtesy of Simon and Martin as I left my phone at home..)

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