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Saturday 4th January 2020

B Ride Report – Jubilee Tower – 40 miles (64.37 km) - Shane Blackmore
This week the B-ride was split into two groups at the cobbles in an attempt to resolve the issues of recent weeks.

The first group (B1) left the cobbles with Chris Jones leading a GCC ride for the first time.

My group left five minutes later we would be riding at an easier pace, I had already had a warm-up ride at B1 pace to Garstang from Morecambe with Chris.

Leaving Garstang with a group of seven we headed south to Barnacre then North to Scorton then onto to Marshaw relived that the headwind was virtually non-existent compared to the last time we headed out over this way although this was not to last as we turned North-westerly for the climb to Jubilee Tower riding into to a 17mph (27.36 km/h) headwind gave both groups a good work out.

As we regrouped at the tower the wind was bitterly cold, so we did not hang about too long unfortunately on the decent of Jubilee tower we had our first and only puncture of the day Vincent, Four of us myself, Peter Rawlinson, Simon Ashby and Steve Hopkinson had already made our way up the Quernmore switchbacks and waited at the junction after about fifteen minutes we decided to head for the cafe knowing the three other riders would be able to sort any issues. Arriving at the Animal care café we met the B1 group who were just getting ready to leave no sooner had we sat down Dave Corless, Paula Mason and Vincent George arrived.

Leaving the café we headed to Galgate and across to Condor green where I handed the reigns over to Steve Hopkinson to take the group back to Garstang as I headed North to Morecambe which was a good thing as I was getting a lot of pain in my knees, Thanks Steve.

I believe both groups enjoyed the ride B1’s averaging 14.2 mph (22.85 km/h) and the B2 group an average of 12.4 mph (19.96 km/h).

A Big Thanks to Chris Jones for stepping up and leading the B1 group and I would also like to thank all that rode for staying within sight of the RC of each group it certainly made life a lot easier and more enjoyable not having to chase riders going off the front of the groups.

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