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Saturday 28/12/2019

A Ride - Clapham - Phil Morgan
Circa 70 miles. 5700 ft climbing.

There were no takers for a ride this Saturday, so yours truly did the decent thing and suggested a jaunt to Ingleton. Upon reflection, this would have been nearer 80 miles which with sunset around 4 pm, would have meant lights
So..off we went to Clapham. With 2 cafes and 1 pub, at least one would be open, and as it turned out, only one was- the pub.
Paul Baillie joined us until Hornby, and we picked Steve Mack along the way, also to leave us at Hornby. Steve can be easily identified by his bright yellow overshoes, which seemed to have been part of his wardrobe for years...how on earth does he make them last even a season. Perhaps he paints them or like Imelda Marcos, he has several ( hundred ) pairs?
So, the 4 of us continued , with a gentle following breeze.. Steve Kelly, Michael Birchall and the much much younger Adam Kippax .
Clapham was a straightforward blast from Wray via Bentham, and lunch was the local pub, the cafe we intended to visit being closed for a private function.
The second half was as they say a lot tougher, taking in Bowland Knotts then the Trough. The old A group used to do longer and harder rides like this with more frequency, but these days we seem to struggle with numbers more, ... so it was good to get this one done
As usual, it was Steve who showed the best form...and also the best dresser wearing his new super cycling jersey Christmas present...Adam showed lots of speed on the hills, but bonked on the Trough poor lad. We all clubbed together and gave him what we had remaining in energy gels, bars etc. Me with tired legs and Mick getting back to fitness chugged along happily at the back.

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