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Saturday 23rd November 2019

B Ride - Galgate - Vincent George
Even if I say so myself that was an extremely well-executed plan! OK, the plan only went as far as keeping within touching distance of the front for the first mile before the usual suspects took over. I arrived at the Kenlis Arms in second place, I’m not sure of the exact distance but as far as I’m concerned box ticked, plan executed. In true Farage Johnson style, a secret deal was done to split the contenders into two teams, Karen leading the faster group and me attempting to hang onto the back of the supposedly slower pack. This seemed the sensible approach, after all, if I had attempted to keep pace with the faster riders it would have been more delusional than Jo Swinson proclaiming she is going to be the next Prime Minister!

For the next few miles, all seemed to be going well until we started the long climb up the Trough road. As the incline increased the other riders overtook me one by one and then disappeared faster than Lib Dem votes as polling day approaches. Just as I was heading towards the exposed section of the Trough road John appeared in the opposite direction. Having made it as far as the cattle grid he decided it was unsafe to continue so had turned around, at this point the advance party led by Karen were allegedly at the cattle grid and appeared to be on the verge of making a similar sensible decision.

If I needed further encouragement to amend the route on grounds of safety, it came in the form of the two Dave’s who had also decided to turn around and head for more sheltered roads. As they came towards me they exclaimed it wasn’t safe to continue on the planned route. At this point under normal circumstances, I would have joined Dave & Dave back down the Trough road to take a safer route to the café.

However, due to some misplaced sense of responsibility in my role as RC, I felt I should continue to the cattle grid (the place where we would normally regroup on this climb) to inform the group of my decision to take a safer route to the café. Against my better judgement, I continued up the Trough road, struggling against the headwind like a graduate against Lib Dem induced student debt. As I reached the cattle grid there was no one to be seen, I had been abandoned faster than a Lib Dem election pledge.

From this point I decided in true Boris Trump speak to get the ride done, no more dither and delay, no more extensions... so, I headed straight to the café at Glasson Dock. Free of RC duties I went for the full breakfast and a large coffee, all that was missing (apart from 11 Garstang CC riders) was the Saturday papers to read whilst I enjoyed my coffee. Just as I was starting to think about making my way back to Garstang at a leisurely pace the missing riders arrived at the café!

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