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Saturday 7th December 2019

A Ride to Kirkby Lonsdale and Kitridding Farm Shop cafe- report ! - Phil Morgan
This was a stand in ride for Peter Heyworth ‘s advertised RT to Arnside. I thought it would be a better idea to run a good old fashioned road ride to somewhere at a half decent pace and the odd hill thrown in her and there. This would more likely attract riders..and it did...

I was greeted on the cobbles by Steve Kelly, Sue Taylor and her mystery partner formerly known as Professor Badass . But we won’t mention him again.
Just as we rolled off a clutch of Oglesby’s appeared. Oglesby the elder Martin Oglesby swapping his rally car for a bike ( roughly as slow on / in both ??), but allotted to go with the B’s, citing he’d seen too much of me recently ( we’re talking time period here, not furtive glances through the shower curtain)....and Oglesby the ( a bit) younger Keith Oglesby also turned up- ready to go on an A ride riding his non featherweight Genesis Croix De Fer touring bike . Brave soul.
With a weather forecast which had slightly improved over the last two days, we were optimistic that the 10% chance of rain up to 2 pm, and then a 40% chance thereafter would mean we might escape without getting wet.
We were wrong...
A healthy pace of somewhere north of 15 mph up to the cafe at Kitridding Farm was replaced with a deathly slog into gusting wind and 100 % rain after lunch as we headed south again.. a lot more slowly for aforesaid reasons...This stop replaced the advertised Kirby Lonsdale cafe. It’s KL Christmas Fair this weekend and the place was crawling with shoppers browsing the many stalls erected along the closed streets... if you have nothing planned tomorrow , this would make a worthwhile day out.
Keith Oglesby continued to impress with his speed on the heavy Croix de Fer, but he and we knew he would have to start to suffer sooner or later, which he duly did as we approached Cockerham, whilst the rider formerly known as Professor Badass managed to exercise admirable constraint in going at what was him a snails pace most of the day, and even ( almost ) allowed Steve the climbing king to usurp him on a few hills. Almost but not quite...
Our pace was certainly not the A pace of old, but It was good to do a proper club road ride for a change, tough though it was...and yes we got wet!

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