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Tuesday 19th November 2019

Tuesday Tootle - Ken Roberts
Well nobody shouted yippee when we met on the cobbles because it was too bloody cold, we stood there wondering why we ever bothered, there were 4 of us plus one fat new member who we didn’t recognise, who turned out to be Kenny in 48 layers of thermal clothing. We decided to go to Lytham as there is only 1 big climb over the motorway & it might not have ice on it, so off we went down lots of lovely little lanes that I’ve probably been down before but don’t actually recognise any of them. When we got to the café it was full of damned teenagers but we managed to get the last table by being obnoxious, the main topic over lunch was funerals & I told them that I’d walked in very happy & after 10 minutes was feeling bloody miserable, anyway, then they started talking about suicides so that lightened the atmosphere somewhat. Well it wouldn’t be a Tuesday Tootle without the inevitable banter so we did that first & then indulged in some irony, hyperbole, counterpoint & finished off with some repartee & raillery. Then we left & rode back home invigorated & still wondering why the hell we set off in the first place!

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