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Saturday 17th November 2019

The Cumbrian Cracker Sportive ( from Grasmere) - Phil Morgan
With excuses abounding from the usual suspects, it was left to club members Steve Kelly and myself to fly the flag ( it got wet ) for GCC today.
The part I hate is getting out of bed in the dark at early o’clock and consuming a massive bowl of porridge when I’ve only recently eaten dinner... then arriving at the start with it raining and in the half light- to be met with a huge gaggle of togged up cyclists all feeling exactly as I do...
Well, I drove up early with the intention of hooking up with Steve around 7.30 am as he was making a weekend of it in the Lakes.
We missed each other and I set off alone at around 8.00.
Usual course- 57 miles, over 4200 ft climbing- nothing dramatic other than Redbank within a mile of setting off
We flew round , and to my surprise I was hardly passed at all. I chose not to stop at the Cartmel feed station and clocked 3hrs42 Strava time - the same as my official time. Apparently 16.2 mph average. And the exact same time as when GCC rode it as a group 2 years ago..
Steve was far more sensible of course and stopped for a cuppa, clocking 3hrs 48 overall - which put him 2nd and me 1st in the Vets over 60 class ( with 61 entrants) . But on the road, Steve clocked 3hrs 32 Strava time- 10 mins quicker than me- very impressive, I can vouch!
Perhaps it was something he put in his tea?
So, another good result for our little club. Was it worth all the effort paying £25 for a ride you can do anytime? Answer yes if you like to constantly challenge yourself against others and previous performances. And get a medal they can bury with you.
The medals ? Awful!
Hopefully we will be up to full Nutter Strength for another GCC assault next year ...
As a postscript ( not boasting of course) , and according to Steve, we would have been in the top few in the over 50’s too.
So we’re happy ??

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