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Saturday 16th November 2019

B Ride Waddington - Karen Sienkiewicz
A good turnout of eager B riders this morning on the cobbles. Having left Mr S in the safe hands of the CeeBeebies, we set off on the usual roads towards "them thar hills"! We had the usual re-group at Kenlis Arms and agreed to split into 3 x 6 (or 2 x 8 as appropriate) to stay safe and avoid annoying the other road users.
A minor deviation off route at the suggestion of the original RC David Hodgson to avoid a crap road surface, saw us descend into Chipping the front way. Mike Coleran was stalking us prior to Chipping taking photographs of us all as we toiled uphill (hope he got our best gurning faces on film)!
Turning towards the Wild Boar Park, I was on some new territory with some lovely quiet roads leading us towards Waddington. We waved goodbye to SJ, Ian and Dave as they turned off towards Longridge needing to get back early. We also lost one rider (Ray) who had gone ahead on his own but methinks we were a tad slow for him today. He missed the JB and date stop unfortunately ??
Options discussed as we got to Waddington, saw the majority vote for the Country Kitchen (rather than a route over Waddy fell/Puddleducks cafe) where we filled up on goodies and sung Happy Birthday to Roy Swarbrick!
Paula Mason left us near Mitton and headed across to Clitheroe for a visit to her sisters and the rest of us headed up over Chaigley.
Taking the usual roads down the side of the Derby Arms back to Lydiate Lane and I then departed leaving the group in the safe hands of Steve Hopkinson.
Hope everyone enjoyed the ride as much as I did ???? and see you all soon I hope.

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