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Saturday 2nd November 2019

B Ride Report - Catforth 50miler - Karen Sienkiewicz
What with some kind of sports fixture scheduled for 9.30 (and a poor weather forecast), I didnt expect too many to turn up on the cobbles this morning, however I was pleased to see 10 smiley B riders ready for adventure. Our new chair (Phil Morgan) was also on the cobbles (unrecognisable in his civvies as he was going out later in the day) and he cheerfully waved us all off.
A wet first half in the low hills around Brock Bottoms gave Simon Ashby a puncture and he delighted in watching Peter Rawlinson and I getting our hands dirty whilst he watched in awe of our speed and dexterity! Half of the group carried on at this point but they lost out on the dates/jelly babies fix as we set off again with puncture fixed. Chris introduced us to a new tool which made it all so much easier getting the tight tyre back on (Tyre Key - £10 ish? - On my shopping list as fed up breaking my nails)! Heavy rain remained with us and at The Green Man we lost Simon and Bill as they decided to call it a day. We pressed on and met the first group just entering Roots Cafe at 25 miles.
We were in good spirits despite having to leave the warmth of Roots but at least we were all full up on Beans, Soup, Cake etc. The second half sped by and we even saw some sun for a brief time. We parted company from Chris who headed straight onto Cockerham and later Miriam and Steve on the outskirts of Winmarleigh. Steve Hopkinson, Vincent George and Peter headed off at the Belleflower just leaving Sarah Jane Gibson and myself to roll back into Garstang.
I managed not to lose anyone and I think everyone enjoyed the ride. Thanks for the good company as always. ????

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