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Saturday 5th October 2019

B Ride -Tour of the Mosses - Shane Blackmore
Tour of the Ribble Mosses

After a request from Karen to do a route south of the River Ribble I came up with a couple of routes. Karen Sienkiewicz Decided on this one after looking at the café stop reviews.

Anyway arriving in Leyland I was wondering how many would turn up to this Park and Ride.

Pleasantly surprise we had twelve riders arrive unfortunately this quickly reduced to ten as a slight oversite by Paula Mason meant she had no cycling shoes with her, hope the dog did not eat them. Due to Paula’s petite feet and only having a pair of crocs with her we could not sort her out with any alternative footwear.

We left Leyland on time and headed to Midge hall with help from Phil Durrigan after a wrong turn by myself been a local lad he quickly got us back on track on to Whitestake and New Longton.

Some roads where a little rough to be honest, but we all managed to navigate them without incident. Passing through Much Hoole, Bretherton, Tarleton and on to Rufford for the café stop at Fettlers Wharfe, as usual, the food and service were excellent.

Leaving the Café we headed for Mawdesley and Just before the main climb of the day Blue Stone Lane Karen hit a pothole which caused a puncture.

This was the longest puncture repair ever with four people assisting Karen first inner tube the valve was not long enough after finding another tube with a longer valve Steve Hopkinson asked Karen how long this was going to take Brave Man then complain when he was assaulted with a bicycle pump by Karen, Steve you should have known better!

Finally, the wheel was put back on the bike, and we completed the last five miles without incident.

Martin Oglesby still had another sixteen miles to go after cycling to Leyland hope you got back without any problems.

Another great day out although tough at times in the headwind which is usual for the mosses a couple of wrong turns, with great company as usual.

See you all next week apart from Luke Bosman who probably won’t be fit enough as he has a long night drinking planned for next Friday.

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