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Saturday 28th September 2019

Bee Beebies ride report - Ride 65 Bolton Le Sands - Karen Sienkiewicz
It was after a very sleepless night spent worrying about my maiden RC-ing duties having stepped in for Shane who was poorly, I turned up on cobbles. As the rain had been torrential overnight and several roads were flooded as I drove in, I did wonder if I would be on cobbles all alone - but no (thank god), Paul was already waiting with his electric steed. Several other friendly faces gradually started to arrive and in the absence of a C ride RC, we joined up to make 9 riders in total. A little later than normal waiting for Tom to arrive, we set off with clearing skies and no rain!
All were given advice that overtaking the RC would see them rewarded with a slap and Annette thought she might test the threat straight off but I couldn't hit another lady! Martin though had earned far too many slaps to mention that I gave up on the punishment. All the rest behaved - including Sim!
The debris and water on the road into Scorton gave an early puncture for Tom but he was supported by Pip, Sim and Martin and we were soon on our way. I soon had a very wet bottom and feet riding through water up to our bottom brackets but climbing towards Quernmore gave drier roads and fabulous views! Chris had already ridden some of the roads earlier in the day so was able to assure us that we would make it through the small lakes we encountered. A quick stop for our usual dates and jellybabies at Postern Gate helped us onto Halton where Pip said his goodbyes.
Heading up Green Lane and across the Kellets and BLS for a fab cafe stop at The Archers. Cafe was so popular, they were queuing knee deep by the time we left! Not sure any of us had been to this cafe before but as the pictures confirm - it was good food and cosy surroundings.
Off to Morecambe (passing Chris's home) and along the prom, prom prom and then a shortcut to avoid the soggy bits at Snatchams. I still had enough soggy bits of my own to contend with. Cycle track to Lancaster and eventually onto home straights around Cockerham. 7 of us stopped for refreshment of the alcoholic kind at the Pattern Arms and we then parted company to wend our way back to Pilling and Garstang.
I hope all enjoyed the ride as much as I did with fab company and great weather helping us along the way. Get well soon Shane and hope to see everyone again next week. ????

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