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Saturday 9th November 2019

B Ride - The Roots Express - Luke Bosman
When I planned this ride on Wednesday, the forecast was for cold and wet weather. I didn’t expect many to turn out but we set off at the stroke of 9.33 by the town clock with a peloton of thirteen. Not, however, before Karen had attempted to herd cats in order to take a photo of us in front of the poppy-bedecked Cobbles.

The initial pace was swift, partly due to a tailwind, partly because the temperature was a little to the south of 4°C. After knocking the pace back a little, since David was out with a bad chest and we like him, we wound our way through the lanes towards Out Rawcliffe, omitting the toll bridge because the RC has deep pockets and short arms*.

We said farewell to David and Shane at St. Michael’s, thenceforth heading as swiftly as we could to Roots where we hoped to rediscover the feeling in our feet. The decision was taken at Roots to curtail the ride on the grounds that several of us were about to run out of fun. Karen led us towards Myerscough College and then departed. Some riders then returned via Lydiate Lane, others straight up the A6, a final pair returning via Catterall.

Overall losses: eleven. I’ve had greater levels of attrition on a ride but this may be a season’s best.

* One of the great HW Bosman’s old Yorkshire phrases.

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