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Saturday 31st August 2019

C group to Kirkby Stephen - Pete Hardman
Seven Show How It’s Done!
(C group to Kirkby Stephen, Ais Gill Summit and Garsdale)
Bugger the route, beautiful though it was. This report is dedicated to the guys and gals who took on today’s meteorological Armageddon and won.
On quiet roads they cheerfully accepted two one hour soakings and driving Cumbrian winds that at altitude swept heavy waves of wet hail across the road, threatening to dismount the unwary. They ground their way up inclines into erosive headwinds and sashayed past surface water with the nonchalance of a Premier Division forward. What a team!
We were rewarded by the sight of late summer golden edged skies slashing through the clouds to comfort some of the best scenery I know of.
Thanks to Malcolm, Daphne, Richard, Steve, Frank and Phil for their congeniality and for consistently being Glass Half Full Optimists. Your company made the entire ride an absolute pleasure!
Was there ever any suggestion of cutting it short? Of course not. What sort of fairweather losers would do that……?

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