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Saturday 31st August 2019

B ride report , "Barley or Not to Barley" - Simon Ashby
B ride report , "Barley or Not to Barley".

Well! 8 hardy souls decided to give it a go despite the forecast of wind and rain blowing through until at least mid afternoon. We were hoping for a few light showers. Alas it was not to be. We set off with appropriate waterproof clothing, which was soon removed after the climb up Butt Hill. The weather was quite mild with as yet no rain. It was after the Chipping dipper that we experienced a few light showers. As we climbed towards Parlick above Chipping, the heavens opened. Cue the donning of waterproofs. At Chipping we considered the option of Little Town Dairy and a shorter ride. The rain eased so we headed towards Waddington where a further decision could be made. As we cleared Chipping the rain returned with a vengance! We were soon drenched, soaked and sodden. The promise of sanctuary at The Country Kitchen provided the incentive to power over Cow Ark and sprint down to Bashall Barn and beyond. The cafe was quiet which meant a large table for the pelaton and quick service. They were glad to see us despite the wet muddy mess we left behind. Suitably replenished with a healthy selection of eggs, beans, sausages and cakes, we decided, being very wet, cold and bedraggled, *** this!! It was a unanimous decision "Not to Barley". So it was back quickly over Chaigley and home. Of course as we got back the sun came out! Despite the weather it was worth getting out. We had a good ride with plenty of laughs and banter not suitable for this post. ??

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