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Saturday 7th September 2019

‘B’ RIDE TO BARLEY - Martin Oglesby
This week's B Ride was down as “RC Choice”. As last week’s scheduled ride to Barley was abandoned due to weather it was decided another attempt should be made to ride this area on roads rarely visited by GCC. The forecast was good and indeed a fine dry day was enjoyed.

In view of the fact that some riders covered the route as far as Waddington last week a variation was planned using different roads; through Whitechapel, Walker Fold and past Bashall Barn to reach Waddington this time.

A baker’s dozen set off from the cobbles with ages ranging from early twenties (? - Adam) to plucky 79 year old Violet on her e-Bike. Simon T left us at Waddy for a planned early return whilst the dirty dozen continued through to Chatburn and Downham where a large wedding was monopolising the road space.

The first climb began there, being a testing 4km to the summit above Barley, with some steep gradients along the way, then a fast drop into Barley for a well earned cafe stop where we refuelled with tasty fare.

Exiting toward Newchurch most riders were shocked to find an immediate steep climb in front of them - reminiscent of leaving Slaidburn with ‘cafe legs’. No problem for the youngest or oldest who both breezed up! Then, undulating roads towards Padiham Heights where we were rewarded with fabulous views all round. The next challenge ahead was Nick o’ Pendle, indicated on Strava as No.74 of the Official 100 Climbs, and shown as 1.32km at av. 11%. Two riders declined the challenge on fitness grounds to follow a flatter route to Whalley whilst the remaining ten found the strength (or battery power) to reach the summit. A fast descent then a slot left onto the rough road into Pendleton led on to Whalley, Billington, Dinckley and Ribchester where we re-grouped following Violet’s battery change. If only I could have fitted a fresh pair of legs as my old ones were running low on power by then.

The more familiar roads from Longridge to Inglewhite followed, and the group began to fragment as riders took direct routes home leaving just a handful to return to the start.

Another good day with good company and the satisfaction of overcoming some challenging climbs on less familiar roads.

My stats:- 99km and 1471m elevation. Or if you prefer, that’s 19,685 rods, poles or perches; and 804 fathoms for those still living in the 19th century.

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