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Saturday 27th July 2019

Hillybobs and Billy Bob’s - Luke Bosman

As late as Friday evening, the forecast weather for the B-group’s Tour of the Howgills was for a brief drenching but nothing worse.

I woke up at four o’clock in the morning and saw that the forecast was worsening and there were warnings of floods. By eight o’clock I was almost convinced that a trip to the Howgills, an area with few opportunities to curtail a ride in the event of mishap, would not be sensible.

I posted about my doubts and received one response of a no show. I cancelled the ride and announced I would instead meet people on the Cobbles for something more adapted to the conditions. I also heard from Trevor of a new eatery.

Six cyclists were ready to ride: myself, Bill, Phil M, Mick, Vinny and John. We headed out towards Scorton, allowing for some emergency water purchases, headed up Snow Hill to ensure that all riders were awake, and then headed over Harrisend at which one rider was heard to request no more climbing. His wishes were almost granted: on the final climb of the day, Mick demonstrated that could produce the torque of a Bugatti Veyron as he snapped his chainstay. We looped gently towards Goosnargh and Barton, the clouds gathering.

A short distance up the A6, we turned towards South Planks farm, mooched about a bit and then discovered Billy Bob’s Parlour. Trevor welcomed us and we filled our boots. The food was good: tasty burgers, fabulous ice cream and, to our great delight, free. Apparently the prices will go up.

The weather arrived shortly after our burgers. By the time we had left Trevor with our reviews and donned our helmets it was pouring down. The Peloton suddenly found a homogeneous desire to watch the final potentially meaningful stage of the Tour.

My apologies to Shane, who didn’t manage to see my email or Facebook post and had arrived in Sedbergh, primed for a ride round the Howgills. I hope you didn’t get too wet.

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