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Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Toasted Tuesday Tootle - Ken Roberts
Well we had a total turnout of 13 on our first ever Toasted Tuesday Tootle, it were bloody hot! Kenny turned up dressed for the posh café stop at Lytham Hall then when he turned up on the Cobbles in a Bianchi tie & Bianchi cuff links in his arm warmers we told him we were going to Knott end instead. So we set off & rode our bikes over the mountains of The Fylde & were soon in Knott End & sat outside the café, we were wondering how our clubmate Mick was after his recent illness who should have been in Caton, whilst we should have been in Lytham, when blow me down, he turned up in Knott End. So much elated, we engaged in much badinage as usual along with some hilarity & even introduced some ribaldry with a smattering of hyperbole, whilst bearing in mind that some of us are inconsinant, we threw in the inevitable amount of banter as usual. Suitably refreshed we set off back to Garstang along the promenade accompanied by frequent interjections of YIPPEE, what a lovely Tootle, sod weekends, Love Tuesdays!

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