Ride Reports

Saturday 3rd August 2019

C Ride - Bashall Eaves - Simon Ashby
13 riders set off for Bashall Eaves with a meander to The Kenliss Arms. We decided to split into 2 groups to facilitate the smooth progression of impatient alternative road users. RC duties were delegated thankfully to Tamzin and Ken to "manage" the front group. I was happy to motivate the second group, allowing a 1 minute gap which with a few strategic stops soon became a 5...10...15 minute gap. After a few climbs we arrived at Chipping to find Pete Hardman "resting" in the sunshine. The others had moved on only 10 minutes ahead. At this point Dave and Petula stopped for lunch as they had to return home to welcome visitors. We progressed via Cow Ark and were soon joining the others at Bashall Barn . There was much consumption of scones, jam and cream! Tamzin and a few others headed back leaving a fellowship of 9 to return. Hitting the Chaigley climb after scones and cream is never easy. Bob was hampered by a dislodged chain which impeded his sprint up to Walker Fold. From here it was downhill past LTD, through Whitechapel and on to Scotch Green Lane. We decided to avoid Walmsley bridge lane, being a bit tough on smooth tyres. Anyway, ken got a puncture down Bourne Browe. This was attributed to the excess weight he places on a bike! We were soon back to the joys of Garstang having enjoyed the usual fantastic day out with excellent company.

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