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Saturday 22nd June 2019

B Ride Report to Wray - David Hodgson
12 of us set off from the cobbles on what promised to be a fine day with some sunshine and a light breeze.

We were joined by John Kehone at the top of the Bay Horse Road climb (and then there was 13).

The group quickly split apart as the speedy riders led by Karen settled into TT mode. At Quernmore crossing I said farewell to Sec (and then there was 12 once again). Sec had decided the climbs ahead were too tough for him so he took the easy option over Jubilee Tower (better him than me).

We eventually all regrouped at the witches hat (Postern Gate Lodge). It was time for the first and only telling off of the day to the group of speedy riders who left the RC behind. Disgraceful behaviour (you know who you are) and one deserving of yellow cards and when I find out the ring leader (Karen) a red card for them.

We thankfully kept together after that debacle and we made good speed to the café at Wray. That was the easy part of the ride over. Unfortunately, we still had 27miles to cycle home with some tricky climbs awaiting us.

It’s a been a long time since I sat out in glorious sunshine on a ride and as we sat next to the river eating lunch we enjoyed such pleasantries as varicose veins, knee replacements and other battle scares we had received over the years.

We sadly said goodbye to speedy Karen at the café (and then there was 11) and set off towards Melling & Gressingham. Just before we crossed the River Lune at Castle Stede Vincent got a puncture. It was an opportunity for the group to enjoy the vista from the bridge and watch horses frolic in the river. It felt good to be alive enjoying a great ride with great company.

Collectively, we negotiated the tricky climbs ahead and we eventually arrived at Halton and over the skinny bridge. We managed to avoid a procession in Lancaster and meandered through the back streets on onto Aldcliffe. At this point there was a call for a stewards’ enquiry for unfair blocking of Bill (who was on the racing line) by Chris. Following a review, the enquiry was upheld and Chis was served with a 5 second penalty resulting in a win for Bill.

We joined the A588 and said our fond farewells to Trevor (and then there was 10) who had decided to cycle back to Quernmore to watch a Fell Run.

It seems to be customary at this stage of the ride for everyone to go into TT mode as we headed to the Manor Pub at Cockerham. We were split into small groups along the way but we quickly regrouped on the carpark.

I looked down at the blank screen on my Wahoo and thought bugger when did that switch off. Thankfully I only lost 6 miles from the ride (and thanks to Pete for tagging me – I think I did 110 miles that day)

We said goodbye to the Pilling Crew Sim, Annette, John, Dave C and Phil D (and then there was 5) and headed off back to Garstang.

We dropped Chris off outside his house (and then there was 4) and as RC I had to make the biggest decision of the day Pub v Home.

Bill, Vincent, Peter and Myself sat outside The Patten Arms taking in the rays over a sneaky pint something I don’t often do on a ride and one not recommended unless you are near to home.

Following the swift pint, Bill, Vincent and Peter peeled off on the way back to Garstang (and then was 1). Maybe it was something I said.

A 50 mile ride with around 2500ft of climbing at 14.3mph average speed. A great day out with perfect weather conditions and what can I say excellent company. Thanks for all who joined me today.

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