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Saturday 22nd June 2019

As the majority of C riders were on holiday in France we remaining were reluctant to become depressed about this & chose to indulge ourselves in all things Gallic mais chez nous! Those beginning the ride were none other than Robert Raphtery, Susan Chambre, Pieter Hardhomme, Stuart Morray et Philippe Rilee plus moi. We set off in the direction of Cockerjambon where we were to add Philippe L’irvine to our number & there he was waiting on a nearby chaise longue, or for those not actually literate in French, an adjacent bench. Once assembled we set off towards our next port of call , Le Cigogne @ Conder Verte, then through Stodjour & eventually Millennium Pont. We made good temps & were soon skirting Plusderton & on our way to le café at Demi Lunar Baie. Here we ordered our traditional Gallic repast, saucissone et oeuf pour moi, all jour petit dejeune pour Philippe, sandwich de la pig pour Robert & Stuart buggered off home early avec un Kit Chat bar de chocolat. Replenished, we resumed our return through Heysjambon village & onto Le Promenade des Anglaise @ Morecambrai, turning at Mauriceons et continuing back to Millennium Pont & through l‘universite & onto L’Ellel & Galporte & finally returning to Le Cloche Fleur @ Garestang. As we parted company all agreed it had been an enjoyable jour & as we had embroiled ourselves in all things Francais over here without actually going there, we had saved ourselves a whole load of unnecessary travelling & expense, Europe, pah, who needs it?

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