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Saturday 22nd June 2019

A Ride Grassington - Simon Thompson
4 riders left the cobbles (Mick, Keith, Anne and myself) on a warm, dry morning with barely a breath of wind. Being in the market for a Garmin/Wahoo I was pleased to see both devices represented on this ride. After a couple of wrong turns (due to the Garmin being 50 yards too late) we were on our way and soon out towards Jeffrey Hill. We said goodbye to Anne (and the only Wahoo!) just after the Hodder Bridge at the base of Birdy Brow, she had teenagers to attend to. The three of us carried on at the mercy of Garmin. A few more late GPS calls saw the odd wrong turn but no major issues. Lots of quiet roads and great scenery courtesy of Rick's route planning. We arrived in Grassington on festival day at 61 miles (from Preston, not the cobbles) Fish finger sandwiches and beans on toast were the order of the day at the Cobblestones cafe (thanks again Rick for the recommendation). Time to head for home and Mick soon lost function of the front end of his Di2, stuck in the small ring. Shortly thereafter he lost the back end too. Stuck in something that looked like his 7th cog. He did a great job of negotiating the way home on a single speed bike, but the ratio was too much for the climb out of Slaidburn and the spectre of a broken chain forced a dismount. I departed the group to head back to Preston at Gibbon Bridge. I assume the other two reached home without incident. A great day out and thanks to all concerned. Ride stats: Just over 100 miles, 7000ft or so of climbing and average pace in the region of 15mph. (..and I think I'll buy the Wahoo Bolt!)

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