Ride Reports

Saturday 6th April 2019

C Ride - Mick Hine
Fourteen of us meet at the start point for today's C ride, a stroll through rural Cumbria. After a chilly start the day got better and better and it was hard to believe that on Thursday it was more like Winter in the Lakes. The route followed the C ride route up over the Helm then the B route through to Staveley. The scenery was great, the company good, and the hills a bit hillier than perhaps expected. The Cafe stop was at Wilf's in the blazing sun from where we almost followed the C route back to the start point followed by a drink in the pub garden again in the blazing sun. One puncture, one idiot who almost took out all of us, but a great day for cycling. Thanks for your company and thanks to Malcolm for putting the thought in my head to take a look at the B ride

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