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Saturday 30th March 2019

Paula’s Ride report for B group (not Ian’s) “let’s go to arnside seaside”
Following my volunteering to be ride leader with GCC I took the responsibility seriously, all week with repeated practice of my left and right, my ability to shout car up car down Without getting them mixed up , and then realised that my hands can both point 2 ways, and cars seem to be everywhere, no worries ‘I’v even bought a Garmin with maps. With great glee we gathered on the cobbles for the ride to Arnside. My abilities were tested from the start, well actually before the start, club members promoted me to get troops setting off, then ribbed me with the cheek to say I was facing the wrong way to set off! I was just turning my bike round that’s all, I knew the way.
So we set off through Scorton having delegating counting responsibilities to the other 15 riders. We followed the usual route to Caton and the dreaded hill approached, due to the FB comments of it being tough and offers of different routes my leadership skills took full effect/revenge for the start, one of my hands indicated and off we went up Park Lane climb, mutiny of the ride leadership had been apparent from the start, here it really kicked off with several (Karen, Trevor and others) sprinting up the steep climb, what disobedience.At the top Martin had to depart back house to commitments. So we set off as a group towards Kirby Lonsdale taking the left turn to go over Lords Lot then towards Borwick, mutiny again with riders off the front, soon caught when assuming a left turn and the route was to Priest Hutton. Onwards from here to Burton in Kendal where we took a right, no it was a left??ohh poops can’t remember which it was but we went to Yealand Redmayne, and it was a bit lumpy!! Arriving at Arnside all the cafe’s had been phoned ahead to assure room for the hungry crew(I was organised ahead of the game) what a result the Cafe called Sheila’s had room for us all including Phil who we squeezed in despite his kindly offer to sit outside like the gentleman he is. A good feed by all and thanks to the cafe for being so helpful, off we went up another hill towards the scenic Silverdale road. On to Carnforth and the Kellets, a bit of tiredness was in the air so the pace relaxed even with the faster ones off the group. Conversation turned to swallowing Dates when you don’t like them and other such things .... shut your eyes and just swallow ??Karen’s weekly handing out of jelly babies and yukki grandma dates. The cycle way through Lancaster saw two wrong turns of the day to the glee of many which made Karen and Pete fall to the back of the pack for a change instead of speeding off the front. The other wrong turn nameless (Ian) took us down a dead end..... note to self Ian doesn’t understand directions either. After Lancaster we ventured through the quiet roads of Aldcliffe and Stodday. The main road to Glasson saw the group set off at pace with the 2:53 train/chain gangs to Cockerham with stopping. Any energy left was expended at the car park of the manor pub where earlier Annette suggested we have a cheeky pint ?? or two but from the reaction this was not the etiquette of GCC but I was a willing candidate (maybe next time) From here was a regroup and then departures to Pilling and Garstang. Hopefully everyone had a good day, a ride they enjoyed, a bit of a laugh here and there and please don’t ask me again... Tough! I will lead again, I might even know where I am going next time. Great to see Annette (not the fishing kind) and David our newbies from Pilling out with us. 3 women power v 13 testosterone men. Look forward to the next adventure if you allow me the privilege

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