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Saturday 23rd March 2019

B2 Ride Report to Longridge – David Hodgson
Ooh I could crush a grape………….

I turned up on the cobbles on a bright sunny morning with a slight chill in the air. I was greeted by 7 keen cyclists ready to tackle the undulating and challenging ride to Longridge Fell and beyond.

The eight of us set off and rode at a good pace to the foot of Longridge Fell. The long drag up past the golf course split up the peloton as we eventually ‘one by one’ trundled to the top to take in the vista and clear views of our beautiful countryside.

It was whilst we stopped that the conversation began to drift onto such strange subjects as: What is the best type of saddle to support our dangly bits? Should you wear underwear under bib shorts? The merits of not wearing knickers (one from the girls)? And a random saying ‘Ooh I could crush a grape’ which bugged the life out of us all as to who famously used this as their catch phrase.

We eventually set off up and down the roller coaster AKA Old Clitheroe Road and down the newly resurfaced Birdy Brow which for some odd reason had a section of the old surface untouched near the bottom (maybe to keep billy whiz cyclists on their toes).

We arrived at the café in Waddington and the banter continued including, several more guesses at the ‘Ooh I could crush a grape’ catchphrase. (I can now reveal it was Stu Francis who presented Crackerjack in the 70’s).

We set off through Clitheroe after lunch and along the foot of Pendle Hill onto Whalley and Mitton where we regrouped outside the Three Fishes to discuss which route we should take home. Following several referendums we decided to take the lumpy but less challenging route back through Hurst Green and Knowle Green. I must admit I am worried about Paula leading a ride next week when by her own admission she sometimes gets mixed up with her left and right directions.

It was on the stretch back to Longridge that my ride went from bad to worse when I had my first bout of cramp (in my right leg) at Hurst Green when we stopped for a breather. I tried to hide it from my colleagues through gritted teeth but gave it away when I got off my bike and headed off to the nearest wall to stretch it out. I was able to set off again gingerly and 3 miles further down the road my left leg cramped up. This time I couldn’t disguise my pain as I got off the bike as if I had been shot by a sniper from the nearby trees. I must thank Chris Berry for coming to my aid because at the time I thought my ride was over. But once again I danced back on the pedals and to my delight my team had waited for me ahead (no pirates code with the B2’s).

I was able to ride the remainder of the ride back to Garstang without any more cramp issues although I did hit a pot hole on the descent on Bourne Brow and broke my mudguard.
Karen left the group at the top of Lydiate Lane and we all successfully made it back to Garstang.

All in all 50 miles under the belt with 3500ft of climbing. A great day out with great company (thanks for putting up with my cramp today).

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