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Saturday 23rd March 2019

C Ride report for the record breaking 50 mile challenge - Michael Coleran
Mr Chairman Luke Bosman I hereby stake my claim to a club record. I may be wrong, but I think I achieved something unique today - I managed to loose more than 50% of my group within the first four miles of our ride! Quite an achievement I think. I cannot take all the credit though as the member who took the stray group the wrong way was the only one that had seen the route on this page and just happened to be an expert orienteer. OK, maybe she was contouring, aiming off, handrailing, or just heading for the wrong attack point but all ended well after a phone call and the ride was back on! Over the hills and far away we lost two more but that was by arrangement as Sue and Tamzin had better places to go. It ended up with eleven of us at Cafe Autisan in Whalley where we enjoyed lunch outside in the sunshine. Everybody loves a big hill right after the cafe and the 2 and a half mile drag from Billington to Parsonage reservoir doesn't disappoint. Last time we did this ride we waited at the top in the cold and wet for Will, and we waited (and cursed) and waited until he finally arrived. Will was missed on our ride today. Onward at great speed to Ribchester and up to Longridge (slower) before the final leg back home, taking in for old time sake the boneshaker that is the descent of Bourne Brow (which is to be re-surfaced in the coming week). Familiar roads to most but new to some, I think everyone would agree it was a pleasant day out. A little fast for the C Ride at 12.3 mph average but everybody did it without too much complaining ;-) A little hilly for a C Ride at just under 3,000 ft of ascent (but there were some good downhills!), and it was 50 miles as promised! Well done all you C Beebies, you rose to the challenge!

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