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Saturday 2nd March 2019

B2 Ride Report to Wray - David Hodgson
I turned up on the cobbles wondering how many riders would venture out on a day that promised some strong winds in the form of Storm Freya. To my amazement 12 riders had decided to give it go including Simon (who was testing his endurance from the C’s) Phil R (who was joining us for a short part of the ride out) and Sim (a newbie joining us for the first time - welcome). The remaining 9 were the usual B2 stalwarts/suspects.

We left the cobbles with a favourable tail wind as we headed through Scorton and over Quernmore. The group had heeded my warning regarding spot fines for speeding early on but my acceptance of a few sprints ‘now and then’ was severely put to the test when half of the group decided to time trial to the cross roads at Quernmore. I did give them a severe telling off with each of the group blaming others for the break away (typical). At the crossroads Phil R decided to head off home - the easy way up Jubilee Tower.

We made good speed as we sensibly split into two groups on the way to Wray at an average speed of 14mph. That was the easy part of the ride - reasonably flattish and a tail wind. Unfortunately we still had 27miles to cycle home into a head wind with some tricky climbs awaiting us.

Following a hearty lunch at the café we set off home and it wasn’t too long before we noticed the wind picking up as we headed from Wennington through Mellor and on towards Gressingham. If it wasn’t a head wind we were buffeted about with some strong side winds. But we don’t complain we are tough we are GCC.

As we cycled towards Halton it started to rain so we regrouped over the skinny bridge to don our waterproofs. As we arrived at Lancaster under the underpass section I put my foot down and immediately got cramp. Luckily I stretched it out and was able to continue on. Shane left us at this point to cycle home (thanks for being my rear gunner today Shane).

We managed to safely circumnavigate around Lancaster and onto Aldcliffe. When we eventually joined the A588 we were quickly joined by the A/B1 group. Once again we split into two groups to ride back to Cockerham.

It was at this point I dropped back with Dave C (the new rear gunner) to support Luke who seemed to be struggling. I was thankful the group waited for us three stragglers at the Manor Pub at Cockerham.

At this point the Pilling Crew went their separate ways and the remainder of the group trundled back to Garstang.

We all arrived safely just before the heavens opened. Battered by the wind but back in one piece is all that matters. I have come to realise that an RC can lead from the back quite successfully - that way people don’t get detached from the group.

All in all 50 miles under the belt with 2500ft of climbing. The averages got a battering on the way home but a great day out with great company.

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