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Saturday 2nd March 2019

A Ride Report: Wray - Keith Oglesby
A Ride Report: Wray 2 March, 2019

The small 'A' group of 4 riders met at the cobbles on a fair and bright morning but with the threat of worsening weather later in the day. Deja vu struck again as the same plan I had on the Wray ride at the end of January, was to use the published A ride number 9 with options to cut. After a short discussion about the forecast, we decided an even easier option would be to follow the B route and hopefully be home before the weather arrived.
Rick, Mick, Ian and I made for a select group, with one of us looking nicely tanned and the rest decidedly pasty.
Note: The 'Rough Section' were in disarray this week and unable to make this ride for a variety of excuses.
Pip's Fair Trade banana prelude was most welcome and Mick ate his before the official photo was taken. The rest were consumed during the ride and the skins sympathetically dispensed with.
We took the Happy Valley road to Postern Gate where we noticed the large B group just behind us so a quick departure was required and a very early cafe stop at the Bridge café was voted in by a small majority. There was another bonus here with some tasters of roast pork and sausage rolls placed on the counter.
We left the B's in the café and made a change to the route, taking the delightful Spout Lane to Wrayton and through Burrow with Burrow to Kirkby Lonsdale, where left through Whittington.
Before the descent to Halton, the weather began to threaten and we put waterproofs on, although the rain was short lived.
We cut through Lancaster and again encountered the Big group as we turned on to the Cockerham road which is always tricky with traffic.
A most enjoyable ride with some nice views and the usual good company. The weather never really arrived. A good way to spend a Saturday.

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