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Saturday 2nd March 2019

C group ride to Stock-a-bank, 28 miles - David Taylor
It was an unusual start as club members gathered on the cobbles holding bananas aloft for a photo-shoot (lewd comments a plenty). Pip explained we were supporting fair trade. That's fair enough, Garstang being the first fair trade town in the world (I've seen the sign).
C group numbers were high again as 15 of us set off, we were joined at various points along the route making us a group of 18. It was great to have Pip with us on his new E-bike and we didn't mind too much when he passed us all on Stock-a-bank, although I think Keith Norris managed to give him a smidgin of competition (Keith's fit, but then again Pip's kind and of course, fair). Prior to this a small part of the route was avoided by some to avoid punctures but the cunning plan didn't work., did it Yvonne? At least It wasn't Frank this time, which was a bit disappointing as I was hoping he would get 4 punctures in a row at the same spot and set some sort of record (sorry Frank). I thought we had a professional photographer taking snaps of us along the route but it was only Ken, for once not on a bike due to falling over a bag of cement and injuring his hand. Hope you are soon back on your bikes Ken. The food was really good at the Animal Care Cafe and so fairly priced, although there never was a taker for the white bacon barm.... All in all it was a great ride out, good fun, good company and hopefully good photos. Oh and the weather was fair. See you next week, Dave and Petula

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