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Saturday 6th April 2019

B Ride Sunkist - Luke Bosman
There are few more anticipated days in the annual cycling calendar than the First of Short Sleeves. Today was that day. Glorious sunshine and the lightest of winds accompanied twelve Bs over gorse-lined Harrisend Fell along Delph Lane, which is much more pleasant heading south, through Bleasdale and Chipping and past Gibbon Bridge before a westward turn along Rock Brow and a pit stop at Little Town Dairy.
A well-disciplined B-team (perhaps in part due to them only being given ride details as and when necessary) was accompanied by Tamzin, who had previously asked whether we would be going slowly enough for her, and who spent most of the first half of the ride on or near the front of the peloton.
The ride’s second half saw us taking the right turn at the Derby Arms to take in the countryside south of Beacon Fell through Whitechapel and Inglewhite (Martin’s organising a cycle-orienteering event from there soon, it sounds fun), followed by a jaunt along Jepps Lane to Barton, where riders started dropping like flies using such feeble excuses as actually living in Barton.

I've reported the close-passing horse box to the Police.
Vincent: we hope you intended not to follow us after Bilsborrow. We did wait.
I must confess, I think I caught the sun. My unfit body managed to drag itself round the route at a respectable speed ever so slightly less than 13 miles per hour. Next week we have the delights of Bowland Knotts. I’m leading. I may find it tricky to keep up!

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