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Saturday 26th January 2019

B1 Ride Report: Wray - Keith Oglesby
With a diminishing B1 group now, even combining with the A group, just 5 of us left the dry cobbles with the threat of rain forecast around 1pm. Again my cunning plan was to use the published A ride number 9 which allowed us to cut out some loops if so desired.
Steve, Mick, Phil, young Adam and myself set off on an assortment of machinery hoping for a fun day out with a few hard miles expected.
Note: The 'Rough Section' were away again on another secret training mission.
With a nice tailwind for the morning, we tackled the Trough for starters. We decided to miss the Hall Hill loop and go straight to Slaidburn from Dunsop and start the main business of the day – the Cross of Greet! The faster guys kindly waited at the summit, and we descended carefully, with the added hazards of a blustery tailwind, slightly crossed, and random heaps of road salt.
The route took the lesser used Lowgill road off Lythe Fell, and this made a pleasant change from the norm. The official photograph was taken by Phil.
At the Bridge café, we were the only cyclists out. The café was warm and welcoming, and seemed somehow much better than on my last couple of visits. The topic of conversation was how to help Adam progress with his cycling as he is keen to do some racing eventually. He certainly has some ability and is progressing fast. We felt that he might be better suited to a faster group. A chap in the café even came over to offer him some advice. I think he said – “what are you doing out with these old fellahs?”
We left the café in a hurry with the impending rain forecast, we decided to miss out the next loop around Melling and head straight for home via Brookhouse and the ironically named Happy Valley. We waited for Phil who was doing a bit of mudguard wrestling, before he then deserted us to do his own thing.
With a stiff headwind, I suggested to Adam that he could use up some excess energy and sit on the front while we all tucked in behind him! Good training for a domestique. He dropped us on the climb, but waited like a good sheepdog.
We did get wet just before the end, and despite shortening the ride to about 60m, it was a good training session for this time of the year. Thanks all for a good ride out. Roll on Spring.

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