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Saturday 26th January 2019

B2 - Wray - Karen Sienkiewicz
Today’s newly appointed RC (Sarah Jane) volunteered me to do the B2 bombers ride report today so here we go. Our original leader David Hodgson had decided on the cobbles that he was best riding with the Cs and give his back a chance to right itself - probably a good decision given the hilly section of our ride after Melling. Six of us set off and blazed a fast trail over Quernmore to the cafe stop at Wray (15.1 average). Highlights included a lovely bakewell tart with 3 cherries on top and a blazing fire to keep us warm! Back out on the road we hit the hilly section through Gressingham but continued to make progress ahead of the scheduled rain. David did a fab job warning us of cars coming up behind and both Trevor (no beard) and Little Ian enjoyed the new virgin territory - especially Halton Park and the cycle path through Lancaster. SJ and hubby Ian did a great job of navigating us through to Scotforth where Trev left us for a direct return journey to Garstang via the A6 as he had a hot date with a Wigan Pie. The remaining famous five continued through the Uni, up to Galgate and down Whams Lane. I left at Forton to journey back via Cabus Nook Lane whilst the others did a quick detour via Cleveley Mere. Final mileage for me - 63 miles at average of 13.9 - truly knackered after a hard week. Hope the others enjoyed their ride and got back safely. Great route and excellent company as always. Cheers! ??????

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